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Building home coziness is not like building a house. Accurate mathematical calculations are certainly not the main aspect here. The most important things are FEELINGS, HARMONY OF DETAILS, COLOR PLAY, and INDIVIDUAL TASTE. In order for the interior to turn into a cozy one, sometimes you need just a little – just to wish for that.

We pursue our greatest goal of professionally fulfilling your desires. We will help you avoid the simple and elementary design, because our aim is a TASTEFULL RESEARCHED INTERIOR, NON-REPETETIVE INDIVIDUAL DETAILS.

Our business started in 1995. In 25 years of activity, we have expanded from the tiny space of only 50 square meters of curtain shop to spacious wholesale warehouses and salons in major cities of the country: Vilnius, Klaipeda and Kaunas.

Bigger scale of operations enables us to offer our customers carefully selected manufacturers, low prices, short times for implementation of projects, qualified assistance even in the most challenging tasks, and most importantly, THE WIDE CHOICE OF FABRICS AND CORNICES.

Our employees are competent professionals with long experience in their field. This is what helps to select, simulate the most complex textile products from simple curtains to mechanical, vertical roof decorations, and taking into account the subtleties of the interior and the needs of each client.

We carry out projects not only in Lithuania, but also abroad. We are excited to be able to help with designing Klaipeda Arena, Entertainment Bank, Limark, Radison SAS, BMS Megapolis in Riga and other premises.