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Color effect on your interior

Color combinations

Tonnage or use of contrast – everything is possible! Colors that are on the opposite sides of the color palette reinforce each other and create a unique interior. Red-blue, purple-orange, green-pink are combinations that fit perfectly in the interior. However, if you are loyal to classics, you will not be fooled by choosing the same tone colors. Combine blue-turquoise, red-orange or yellow-orange with neutral colors – gray, white or black. Just don’t be afraid to experiment! And in order to be sure of your choice, in our salons we will give you the opportunity to borrow color palettes and visually evaluate the desired combinations at home.

Color effect

Colors influence our thinking and have a psychological effect. Warm colors – orange, yellow and red – provide energy and positivity and are ideal in a work room or kitchen. Blue, green and purple are cold colors, bringing peace and relaxation. These colors will perfectly incorporate itself in your bedroom.

Discover the playfulness of details

Often people choose neutral colors in the interior in order to be able to use brighter accessories. Intense color curtains are a fun way to bring even more good mood to your home environment. Bright patterned fabrics are a stunning accent of the room that blends well into the whole. Even small, well-chosen colorful home interior details will enliven the interior, for example, such as pillows and curtains of the same color. Try it out!

A sense of space

Depending on the chosen colors, the space may appear large or small. Light colors are ideal for increasing the feeling of spaciousness in small rooms. And, strong and vibrant colors perfectly separate different spaces.

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