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Curtains facts and tips

  1. The window looks bigger when the curtains hang from the ceiling to the floor.
  2. The window looks wider when the curtains come out of the window limit. The most beautiful effect is achieved when the curtain extends from wall to wall.
  3. The texture of the curtains of the vertical lines creates the image of a higher ceiling room, and the horizontal lines – a wider one.
  4. Curtains covering the entire window create a narrower window feel. If you want the window to look lower and the room more intimate using natural light, try the light-colored roman blinds. Just avoid the dark colors – otherwise the room will look gloomy.
  5. If the room walls are higher than 3 meters, double bending of the fabric with a ruffle at the bottom would be a great choice.
  6. Our fabrics are washed and clean, but keep in mind that the fabric will shrink further by 3 percent after washing. Wishing to avoid this, we recommend dry cleaning the curtains.
  7. Natural fabrics, for example, such as wool or cotton, are sensitive to moisture, so in this case it is best to choose a hem and a curtain lift of about 5 centimeters. In addition, it is a great solution if having uneven floors.

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