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How to choose curtains?

How to choose curtains?

Accurately selected curtains will liven up and completely change the interior of the home. Elegant window cover will bring coziness, and properly chosen curtain colors and design will reinforce the style of your home interior – believe it, it is a piece of style that never comes out of the interior fashion and will surprise you in a variety of ways.

Create your favorite atmosphere

Curtain fabrics are diverse and each is unique in creating a different mood. If you choose curtains of light color fabrics, the room visually will look more spacious. If you want a more intimate atmosphere – then choose a warm-tinted translucent fabric with lining. And if your home has strict forms of architectural details, you can perfectly match the curtains of a natural fabric of a rougher structure, for example such as linen or cotton.

Matching styles

Pay attention to the style of your home. Older homes look nicely with pleated, luxurious fabric curtains, and single-color; while smoother curtains will fit perfectly in new homes. When choosing a window cover color, pay attention to the interior. For example, next to a modern hard floor, a warm shade curtain will fit cozily, and a wooden floor makes a beautiful combination that will be created by the white color of the fabric covering windows.

Open your mind for colors!

If you want to add a better mood to your everyday life, we invite you to get cozy with the bright colors! Combine bright fabric curtains with accessories in your home. Don’t be afraid to experiment – You could use most of our fabrics, not only for windows, but they also fit perfectly with pillow cases; just imagine how beautiful that would look!

Try it out!

Discover a great selection of curtains in our salons in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. Designers working in salons will help you find the right fabric according to your request. You will be able to choose from a wide range of curtains of different colors and patterns known for high quality and durability. We invite you to visit us and see it for yourself!

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