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What are Blackout curtains

What are Blackout Curtains?

It is specially designed sunlight-proof curtain fabrics, so you can forget the premature sleep end or worry how to have full darkness in the desired space. Choose from several types of fabrics: “Dimout” and “Blackout”.


The “Dimout” material protects against sunlight, leaving a very small amount of sunlight. Usually “Dimout” curtains provide 70-90 percent of darkness. When the sun’s activity is strongest, they will just glow slightly. These curtains are ideal for rooms where intensive sunlight becomes a problem, preventing sleep or illuminating the TV screen.


“Blackout” material completely blocks sunlight. This fabric, using a special coating on the back fabric, covers at least 97 percent of light. “Blackout” fabric curtains will perfectly fit where full darkness is needed, for example, in hotels, sports arenas, theaters, or any other location you want.

Our No. 1!

Our most popular curtains are selected from fabrics that perfectly dim your spaces:

  • Nanno

  • Leone

We also invite you to visit the salons and look at a huge choice of “Dimout” and “Blackout” fabrics!

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